by day, by night.

My first love was always music.

My dad studied piano at the Conservatory of Toronto, and later went on to play keyboard in a professional rock band. My mom acted and sang in a musical sorority.

Growing up, they surrounded me with music. I remember watching and listening as they performed songs from Abba, The Carpenters, and The Beatles. My mom would sing lead, while my dad played piano and sang harmony. "All the leaves are brown..." and "Aquarius.." echoed weekly at my home.

As I grew older, I became interested in computers, websites in particular. I would spend hours altering html code to make my free hosted website look just right. Senior year of high school, I took the AP Computer Science class so I could learn to program real software.

This was contrasted by my growing love for music. In middle school, I learned to sing harmony while Christmas caroling with my family. In high school, I joined choir and musical theater, and studied drums, immediately committing to improving my musicianship. Junior year, I started my first band called 4-Now, a 4-part harmony singing group.

When it came time to go to college, I decided to major in Computer Science and minor in Music. I think the decision was more for practical reasons than anything else. At the time, I believed a career in music was too risky, while computers offered a secure job path in a growing industry.

Since college I have continued to learn and grow in both industries. I've developed multiple websites and live web applications, most recent being my work on BizHero. Meanwhile, I continue to study voice and piano. And I've been lucky enough to perform on television and all over the world with my band Legaci.