Amazon Product Data Mappings
Employer: CafePress
Tools: Ruby on Rails, CSS
Role: UI Design, CRUD functionality

Description: This project involved designing and creating a user interface to update Amazon Product Data Mappings. I coded the model, view, and controller using mainly Active Record. I created two interfaces: a CRUD interface with label, fields, buttons; and a CSV export/import interface that would dynamically create a CSV/Excel Template based on the current Data Mappings for download, and then allow the user to upload the filled out Template. Both interfaces used server side and client side validation on required fields, field formats, and duplicate checks. I utilized the ‘kaminari’ gem for pagination, and several gems for the CSV/Excel processing: ‘axlsx’, ‘roo’, and ‘writeexcel’. This project began in mysql and changed to Postgres, so I had to create working code for both databases.

Image: To the right is a screenshot of the design I used for the new data mapping form using pure CSS and html. Note that the values attributes have been changed to match an Accountability model for privacy reasons.