AWS Suppression / Inventory Graphical UI
Employer: CafePress
Tools: Ruby on Rails, Amazon Web Services API, JQuery, High Charts, CSS
Role: API programming, Database programming, UI Design

Description: - This project was centered around the Amazon Web Services API, mainly working with scheduling, downloading, and processing the suppression and inventory reports. I coded the models, views, controllers, database migrations, library modules & classes, and rake tasks. The main focus of this project was to have a graphical display of changes in suppression and inventory data over time. This involved creating an automated service that would download daily suppression reports from Amazon, query the reports for required information, and then output the saved query information graphically over time. Several different implementations had to be tested out to optimize this process since the data set was large (10-40 million records). I utilized the ‘Nokogiri’ gem for XML processing. JQuery High Charts was used to create the interactive graphs which allowed a user to hover over different points to view more detailed information. This project began in mysql and changed to Postgres, so I had to create working code for both databases.

Image: To the right is one of the graphical interfaces I created to display the change in Suppression and Inventory Data.