BizHero Hotel Search and Booking
Employer: Thunder Management / Travelliance
Tools: Ruby on Rails, Mysql, Backbone/JQuery, RSpec, Cucumber
Other Tools: AWS Deployment, Haml, Resque/Redis, Elasticsearch
APIs: Worldspan XMLPro
Role: Programmer, Database Programmer, UI Designer/Developer

I have worked on many different aspects of the hotel search and booking process. I spent a lot of time working with and debugging the Worldspan XMLPro API, which processes all of the hotel availability and hotel booking requests/responses. This includes a combination of modifying code from previous developers and creating new code enhancements of my own to build our Worldspan library code. In addition, I built the import code that custom parsed multiple files from Worldspan that contained hotel detailed information.

BizHero includes a full User management system with multiple levels of accessibility. BizHero can cater to multiple companies as separate entities, each with their own set of custom rules on how to use the app. This includes logging in, processing a booking, (actions that occur before, during, and after the booking has completed), reporting formats, and branding.

The hotel search process includes the feature to search by city or landmark with autocomplete built in using elasticsearch. A user can book the hotel using a preset credit card, or by entering a card on the fly. After the booking is created, the user receives an email confirmation, and is brought to the booking confirmation page. Other features include multiple room booking for existing or new users, car booking, canceling a booking, paying with a virtual credit card, and faxing booking information.

Image 1: Hotel search interface
Image 2: Hotel search results examples
Image 3: Autocomplete used in search form