Image Selection / Cup API
Employer: CafePress
Tools: Ruby on Rails, Cup API, JQuery, CSS 3, RSpec, Capybara
Role: Programmer, Database Programmer, UI Designer/Developer

Description: For this project, I had to create a UI where the user could select multiple images to be sent to an API for processing. The user had the option of selecting one image, multiple images, or all images (using a 'select all' button). Each selected image would be signified by a blue border. The image url and information were stored in the db, and had to be queried randomly. When hovering over each image, a larger preview would appear for user clarification. Once submitted, images information would be sent to the API, and the database information would be updated accordingly. In addition, I added server and client side validation, and programmed a full test suite using Rspec/Capybara.

Image 1: The UI for the Image Selection process.
Image 2: A larger image preview when hovering over an image.
Image 3: All images selected.